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Why the name "Starving Artist Fair"?

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About Starving Artist Fair

Starving Artist Fair was conceived as an incubation programme for comics entrepreneurs. It is not enough for comics creators to simply write and draw comics. We should also learn about the business side, such as publicity and marketing. Together with our programme partner *SCAPE, we organise an event where artists and writers can sell comics and related merchandise. We can use this opportunity to build fan base and learn these business skills.

Our goals:

About *SCAPEmedia Hub

Starving Artist Fair is one of the *SCAPEmedia Hub communities. *SCAPEmedia Hub is a co-working space for media practitioners. It also serves as a community platform for talents who have a passion and commitment in honing their craft -- by enriching them with content, developing their skills and linking them with media partners and stakeholders.

Meet the Crew

Andy Choo is the comic artist behind Andimoo Comics, Durian Comics and Exam Monster. He is also the judge for national art competitions (Extravaganza, Young Illustrator Award) and international art competition such as AFA Manga Battle. He is the founder of Andimoo Studios and conducts weekly comic and manga art lessons at Orchard *Scape.
Huijie is a mobile & web developer, and when he is not busy converting caffine into code, he draws stuff. He is also the mad scientist that created this website.
JF Koh organizes the Singapore chapter of 24-Hour Comics Day (, and is the editor of Panelgraph Showcase (, a quarterly online comics anthology magazine focusing on sci-fi, fantasy, horror and other popular genres.
Nani is an Illustrator and sometimes Animator. She likes stories, cats, and experimenting with various forms of art.... and cats. There's definitely a lot of cats.
Yan is a designer by day, illustrator by night. When she is avoiding work (which is most of the time), she enjoys reading comics, watching anime and snacking. She also likes jellyfish.